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After the craziness that surrounds the end of summer and beginning of a new school year, I often find myself too overwhelmed and under prepared for Autumn decorating. It always seems like I’m still trying to catch my breath from Halloween and then before you know it, Thanksgiving is here, where does the time go? This year, I’m going to be ahead of the game with some easy fall home decor. This 10 minute fall lantern is going to look perfect on my front porch. I’m pretty sure I can find 10 minutes to spare in my hectic life!

Step 1. I’ve broken down this easy fall home decor tutorial into 8 steps but don’t be fooled by that number. Each of these steps take, literally, a couple minutes to complete. For example, this first step: place all the miniature gourds into the lantern. 10 seconds and you’re done with this step!

Step 2. Pour all the gold pine cones into the lantern. I love all the glitter on these pine cones but keep in mind that it’ll get all over your surface. I highly suggest just pouring them directly from the bag into the lantern.

Step 3. Grab some different colored leaves and sandwich those in between the glass panes.

Step 4. Next, open the lights and place the battery pack at the base of the lantern, underneath the gourds and pine cones.

Step 5. Moving from side to side, strategically place the light strand in between the gourds and pine cones. Try to push the wire in behind the pieces so that it’s not so visible.

Step 6. A 36″ piece of ribbon and tie it around the top of the lantern. Don’t make the bow yet though!

Step 7. Wrap the wire ends of the sunflowers around the top of the lantern (same area the ribbon is tied to.) Position them forward and then tie the ribbon ends into a long bow. You can add a bit of hot glue to the base of the flowers and bow if you want it to be more secure.

Step 8. Turn on the light switch, close the lantern door, and your easy fall home decor is done. Place your 10 minute fall lantern on a mantle or porch for all to enjoy!

I absolutely love how the soft glow of the lights look against the warm tones from the glittered pine cones and mini gourds. It has different lengths of lights so that you can increase/decrease the brightness of your lantern.

I love how this easy fall home decor is going to look on my front porch with this perfect little rustic pumpkin. And the best part? The whole thing can be easily disassembled so that I can reuse it for another season. Hope you enjoy making this 10 minute fall lantern!

For the holiday season, consider filling your lantern with Christmas lights and ornaments like this festive Christmas lantern. This is easy fall decor craft, It is very easy to decorate a hall using this craft you can easily decorate any hall with less resources and money.

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