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DIY Cardboard Sunflower

DIY Cardboard Sunflower 

This cute DIY cardboard sunflower has the look of the corrugated metal and is a great reuse project. It would be a lovely wall decoration, place card setting, decoration for a party.

Welcome to another month of our Thrifty Style Team projects. Each month a bunch of thrifty bloggers get together and share with you all of our projects. Here are a few projects from previous months you may have missed: Magnolia Leaves Wreath and Industrial Farmhouse Toilet Paper Holder.

A little while ago I spotted some beautiful metal sunflowers that were cut from corrugated metal. When I saw them I instantly thought of this project I made from cardboard: Corrugated DIY Shamrock Wall Art. So, why not make a sunflower using that same technique?

There are so many ways to use it – Fun party decorating, wall display, small ones for a garland (like this: DIY Cardboard Pallet Heart Valentine Garland), add to a frame for a home decor piece, etc. I also think this really could be a lovely place card setting. Just write the name in the center of the flower if you like.

You can make the flowers whatever size you like. This approximately 11-inch diameter sunflower was made from half of one small box.

DIY Cardboard Sunflower


Hot glue gun
Craft paint (used chartreuse yellow, dark brown, black)
Foam sponge brush (the round one, like you use for stencils, is what I used)


Break down the box, cutting the flaps, sides, and bottom, so that you have manageable pieces to work with.
Cut the circle of the sunflower from one piece of the cardboard.

You will want to cut the leaves of the sunflowers into small, medium, and larger pieces. I did 12 small, 11 medium, and 10 large. My leaves were just freehand but you can use a stencil if you like.

For each of the leaves, you will want to remove the top layer of the paper from the cardboard. This will reveal the corrugated part of the cardboard. Sometimes this comes off easily and other times not as much. I do find that some sides work better than others so do a little test.

If the top layer doesn’t come off easily, you can use your scissors to get in between the ridges to pull up the top layer. Depending on your box, this process can take a little time. This can be a great activity while watching your favorite show, but if you want to skip this process you can buy corrugated sheets to save you this step.

After you have your center and leaves cut out you will hot glue them together. First, start gluing the small ones to the center. Next, glue the middle ones in between the smaller ones. Finally, glue the largest ones behind the middle leaves.

To finish the sunflower you can paint it how you like. To give it a metal look you can do silver for the leaves and a rust color for the center. I choose to do the color version with yellow for the leaves and a blot blend of colors for the center.

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