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Learn how to make beautiful oversized crepe paper flowers with this simple flower tutorial! These beauties bloom year round and are perfect for parties, photo backdrops, and home decor.

If you are looking for a fun paper craft perfect for weddings, parties, home decor and more, then you are in the right place! I had so much fun making these big colourful blossoms, and I know you will love making them too.

Crepe paper is perfect for getting beautifully delicate and realistic looking flowers. I just love them Ready to get crafting. Here’s everything you will need to make your own gorgeous crepe paper flowers.

Step One. Make Flower Center

Start by cutting off a length of crepe paper the width of one fold of the crepe paper, and then fold it in half lengthwise. Next, use scissors (or fringe scissors if you have them) to fringe on the open side of the folded paper.

When you have all along the edge, unfold the paper and roll it up into a roll with tassels on both ends. Then, twist the roll in the middle and fold it in half to make a little bell shaped tassel.

Wrap a piece of wire around the fold in the middle of your tassel. This will be the very center of your flower. Wrap the base of this tassel with floral tape to secure it to the wire.

When working with floral tape, you need to gently stretch the tape as you wrap to get it to stick. It’s also easier if you off a piece of tape to work with rather than just pulling tape directly from the roll.

Next, add a bit more size and texture to the center of your flower with another layer. You can use the same color you used for the center tassel or different color – whatever you like!

Again, start by cutting a length of crepe paper one fold wide and fold it in half lengthwise. This time, you will clip through the folded side of the paper with a bit more spaced out.

Leaving this piece folded, wrap it around the center tassel and secure in place with the floral tape. This will create loops around the center of the flower.

Step Two and Shape Petals.

When the flower center is done, it’s time to get working on some petals! I just eyeballed the shape of my petals, but if you like, you can start by cutting templates out of card stock. You want your petals to be long teardrop shapes in at least three sizes (adding longer petals and more sizes will make your flower larger).

For this pink flower, I three sizes of petals: 7.5″ long, 6″ long, and 4.5″ long. I have eight petals in each size. You can easily all eight petals at once by folding your crepe paper before cutting.

Please Note: It is important tot your petals with the grain (the wrinkles in the paper) running vertically up the petal shape. This is essential to shaping the petals. 

When your petals are, it is time for shaping! To create the curved, organic shape of the petals, use your fingers to gently stretch the center of the petal. Start in the center of the petal shape and gently pull your thumbs out towards the edges of the petal. You want to smooth out the paper as you stretch to curl and shape the petal.

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