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DIY Simple Popsicle Stick Napkin Holder

DIY Simple Popsicle Stick Napkin Holder 

How To Make DIY Simple Popsicle Stick Napkin Holder

You’ll need

Popsicle sticks
Paint (blue and purple)
A paintbrush
Two wooden flowers (and two beads for their centres if you like)
Hot glue


Use your secateurs to cut two of your popsicle sticks into even halves and set them aside. Next, cut the very tips of the rounded ends off of a third popsicle stick and then cut that in half too so you have two pieces roughly the same length s the others, but this time with blunt ends instead of the regular rounded ones that the popsicle sticks already had.

Paint all of your popsicle stick pieces purple! Of course, you can use another colour if you prefer, but we were going to a fun fairy-like theme. Once your sticks are painted, set them aside to dry.

Paint your wooden flowers blue, or whatever colour you please! Set them aside to dry too.

Lay one of your whole popsicle sticks horizontally on the table and then apply hot glue to the cut end of two of your popsicle stick halves that still have rounded ends. Stick them vertically to your horizontal stick, one at either end about half an inch in from that stick’s rounded tip on each side, lining them up so the cut ends are even with the bottom edge of your base stick. Next, turn the whole piece over and apply hot glue to each vertical half that you just stuck down, about a centimetre below the rounded tip again. Turn another whole stick sideways or horizontal like the first one and stick it down across the two vertical sticks like the first one so they sit parallel. You now have one side of your fence napkin holder finished. Repeat all of the steps you see above to complete a second piece exactly the same so your napkin holder has a second side.

Pick up your first fence piece so the horizontal pieces are facing you and the vertical pieces are on the back. Apply a strip of hot glue to the very bottom edge evenly with where each cut end of the vertical pieces sits on the other side. Stick a straight edged half in each of those places perpendicularly, so they stick upwards if you lay your napkin holder side flat on the table. These pieces will by the bottom of the napkin holder that support the napkins. Apply hot glue to the flat edges that aren’t already glued to a holder side, right where you made your cuts. Stick your second napkin holder side down with its horizontal sticks facing the first one and its vertical pieces lined up with these bottom supports, just like the side opposite. Hold the pieces in place until the quick-drying hot glue has hardened if necessary.

If you have gems or beads to stick in the centre of the two wooden flowers you painted blue, use your hot glue gun to stick them in place.

Apply glue to the top left side of one vertical post, near the rounded end, and stick your flowers down there! I actually decided to only go with one of mine in the end because I preferred how it looked.

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