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I really enjoy crocheting with materials besides yarn, and this crochet bracelet gave me the chance to play around with crocheting leather. The leather cord is super thin and easy to crochet with. Plus, it comes in several colours – I love the pink! With just a few jewellery findings, it makes a fun and unique bracelet.

Step One. Begin by attaching your cord to one side of the clasp using a single crochet stitch. Using the smaller 2.75 mm hook (the other one is too big to fit through the holes in the clasp), crochet one singe crochet stitch over each hole.

Begin with a slip knot on your hook and work each stitch over each hole in the clasp. You should now have four single crochet stitches.

Step Two. Now we are going to switch to the larger 3.5 mm hook to give our stitches a little more room to breathe. With the larger hook, chain 1, turn, and single crochet in each stitch across (that’s four total).

Now we are going to switch over to double crochet, so for the next row, chain 2 (that will count as the first dc in this row), and double crochet in each stitch across.

You will repeat this double crochet row thirteen times until your bracelet is about six inches long (if you want a longer bracelet, add a couple more rows).

About halfway through your crochet bracelet, your first strand of leather cording will run out. To add in the new piece, complete half of the last double crochet in your row, and then pull through the final two loops with the new piece.

When you are finished with your bracelet, go back and use the smaller hook to weave in the ends along the back of the crochet bracelet, and then just snip off the tail ends.

After your 14 dc rows, do one row of sc in each stitch. Then it is time to switch back to the smaller 2.75 mm hook and crochet through the other clasp.

Step Three. First insert your hook into the stitch in the bracelet and draw up a loop, then insert your hook into the hole in the clasp and draw through a loop.

Pull the loop through the two loops on your hook to complete the single crochet. Pull the end of your cord through the final loop, and weave in the end.

Step Four. When your bracelet is all crocheted, it’s time to attach the tassels.

Use your pliers to gently open up a jump rings. Loop the jump ring through the light pink tassel and one of the bottom holes of one of the clasps. Use the pliers to close the jump ring. I attached the darker tassel to the crochet bracelet using three jump rings so it would hang lower than the light pink tassel. This is the fantastic crochet bracelet tutorial you can make at your home, The benefit is it need less resources.

And you’re all done! Enjoy your new crochet bracelet!

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