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A Beginner’s Guide To Traveling The World

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In this book you’ll find:

★ Common hurdles and how to overcome them

★ Tips on booking flights and lodging

★  A thorough Traveler’s Checklist will help you remember what needs to be done before a trip.

★ A basic packing list

★ Ideas for what bags to buy



This informative and light-hearted book will help guide you into a life of travel.  If you are looking for a short vacation or possibly even a travel journey that could last months or even years, you’ll find answers to get you started in this book.
Mandy is an avid traveler and has been exploring the world, mostly solo, and has been enjoying hilarious, memorable, and life-changing experiences in every place she goes.  She shares some of those stories and her advice, as well as the advice and stories from numerous travelers from around the world, in hopes of inspiring readers to create their own travel stories.

The idea of traveling inspires different thoughts for different people. What appeals the most to you? 

◆ Are you on a beach somewhere enjoying the sun and reading a book?

◆ Are you discovering incredible non-touristy sights in places most people don’t know about?

◆ Are you volunteering for free room and board while making life-long friendships with travelers from around the world?

◆ Are you spending a month or two learning the local language?

◆ Are you roaming ancient streets and taking photographs of streets and old churches?

◆ Are you seeking adventures such as backpacking, bungee jumping, zip-lining, or sports?

No matter what kind of trip you wish for, you’ll find everything you need in this book to get started.  Get ready to pack your bags and begin the life of a traveler!