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DSLR Digital Photography for Beginners

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you will learn:

  • Develop the understanding of digital photography
  • Understand how cameras work and what gear you need
  • Master shooting in manual mode and understanding your camera
  • Know what equipment you should buy no matter what your budget is
  • 25 methods for perfect photography composition


Digital photography has become the standard today. Most cameras sold today are digital. Analog photography is on the way to disappearance except in a few niche applications. But what exactly is digital photography? In what ways is it better than analog photography? How did it earn its place of preeminence?

Digital photography is a kind of photography that uses cameras comprising arrays of digital photo-detectors to capture pictures focused with a lens, rather than a vulnerability on photographic film.

The recorded pictures are stored like a personal computer fill read for further digital processing, seeing digital printing, or publishing. So digital photography is simply the digital process in which a picture is recorded.

Any type of image in any type of light can become a photo in your camera’s digital memory, provided it’s within the parameters your camera lens, aperture, and shutter speed can handle, one size fits all.