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There are just not enough opportunities for a garden party these days. Sure, there are tea parties and birthday parties for your littlest family members, but there aren’t as many occasions to ‘take tea’ in the yard and have things all fancy-like. I’d like to bring that back. Wouldn’t it be nice to come into a backyard that’s set out for company. I grabbed a few things from my craft stash and set the stage for a blue and fuschia garden party for my closest friends.

I was originally inspired to create a garden party theme by two tin buckets that I had sitting on my craft shelf. I wondered if chalk paint would adhere to their shiny surface. And it did. Beautifully.

I love a bright blue in the spring and summer months. Not only is it a bit beachy and fun, but it’s also a nice pop of color among the green of the shrubbery.

Once the paint had dried, I popped two little geraniums into the pails and then set them onto the table. These two battery operated lanterns are perfect for when the sun goes down, and I don’t have to worry about flame (helpful when there are children around) or heat on the table!

It had been a little while since I had used my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to break it out. I love white vinyl. There’s nothing you can’t do with the stuff. I thought I’d make a fun garden sign to add to my theme.

A little tip: don’t be as willy-nilly as I was with my transfer paper. That made it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to have a straight “I’m in the Garden” text on the sign. I was nearly cross-eyed as I tried to position the little image that I cut out of the vinyl.

This file – “I’m In The Garden” – is available on the Silhouette Store and comes in French as well. It was a quick and easy cut, and the vinyl stuck to the wood beautifully.

I thought it was a nice little touch, as the sign points to where my greenhouse and veggie bed lie. I think this sign will come and live in my greenhouse after my garden party has ended!

Little bursts of color here and there really help to make the setting feel like springtime. Colourful napkins and a stack of clean white dishes is a welcome sight.

You can’t forget teacups, either!

These birdhouses had lived on my entry table for a while, but were simply unfinished houses painted with chalk paint and given a light sanding.

This table is very much a hand-me-down, and is over 100 years old! It sat in my mother’s greenhouse until it trekked home with me one day. Now I can’t decide if it should be refinished, or if the chippy appearance of it should stay. Either or, it makes for a great serving table for a garden party. Whether it’s two or ten people, why not have them outside for tea and snacks? If nothing else, it will give you a chance to dress things up with a bit of paint and some whimsy!

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